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Pennyrile District Charge Conference Info

posted on September 17

Charge Conference season is once more upon us and while it can be tedious in nature it is an integral part of what we do in allowing us to care for our pastors, our churches and our resources. I will require each pastor and the church leadership to participate in one of our Regional Charge Conference Meetings. These meetings have been spread throughout the District and I would ask that you come to the meeting closest to you. If there is a scheduling conflict, I ask that you attend one of the other regional meetings.
If there are issues that you feel would warrant an individual Charge Conference for your church/charge, please notify the District Office so that we can better understand the reasons and, if necessary, schedule an individual meeting. Even in the event of an individual Charge Conference, I am asking that all churches participate in one of the Regional Conferences.

The forms for Charge Conference are up on the Conference Website.  We have tried to make it easier to do these online this year, but you still have the option of downloading them and doing them as a hard copy as well. I encourage you not to wait but to get started immediately!
Only two forms have required signatures that must be printed out and physically signed. These forms are the Clergy Compensation Form and the Check List and Authorization Form. The Check List and Authorization Form was new last year and replaces the “Minutes of Charge Conference” form.
We also want to encourage the local churches to use the Church Dashboard to update their team leader information. This allows the local churches to input their data directly into the Conference Data Base and manage their church’s webpage. The PDF on Accessing the Local Church Dashboard is attached to help you through the process.

Each Charge Conference will include a time of worship, sharing, and celebration. The business part of the meeting will consist of a time of officially affirming the decisions you have made in your Administrative Board or Lead Council meetings prior to the Charge Conference.

For planning purposes, the forms for your Charge Conference must be uploaded (if doing electronically), and one hard copy of your paperwork will be expected to be in the District Office, no later than 1 week before the Regional Conference date you are planning on attending (this is not optional).  Your forms will need to be reviewed before the Charge Conference date.
Regarding the forms, please note the following

  1. We will provide blank Attendance sheets the day of the Charge Conference.
  1. Remember there is no “Minutes Form” as in years past.  The “Checklist and Authorization Form” is to be used this year.  It will act as a guide as well as the signature page.  Please ensure that all signatures from your Board/Council meeting are obtained prior to your Charge Conference.  This form requires physical signatures.
  1. Please complete all the information in the “Finance” form. Additionally, I would like a copy of your latest finance report that is normally shared with your Board/Council and or congregation(s).  Each church should make plans for at least a simple annual audit.  It does not have to be done by a paid professional. * Guide for a Local Church Audit -  http://s3.amazonaws.com/Website_GCFA/resources/local_church/Local_Church_Audit_Guide_(2-18-15)_FINAL.pdf 
  1. In doing your Nominations/Lay Leadership work within your Charge, you are encouraged to use whatever written format that suits/fits your situation and include a copy for us, however you must transfer the names and contact information of your officers to the provided “Team Nominations Form.” as this information must be entered into the Conference database. 
  1. Please include email addresses for your leaders for contact purposes.  If you are completing online, you are encouraged to use your church’s “Dashboard” that automatically integrates with the Conference Database.  Instructions are attached.  In the case of multi-church Charges, EACH CHURCH IS TO HAVE THEIR OWN SET OF FORMS.  DO NOT COMBINE A CHARGE ON ONE SET OF FORMS.
  1. Please complete the “Safe Sanctuaries” section on the “Checklist.”  If you do not have a policy, it is not hard to implement one.  We have resources and people to assist in this.  Not having one opens the church to great liability risks and it is the reason we require this now. It is an absolute necessity to have this policy in place and the appropriate training completed for each church.
  1. Please follow the instructions regarding the submission of student information for the benefit of our campus ministries and their opportunity to minister to our students.
  1. Regarding the “Membership Audit”, you should include information about any additions or subtractions in your personal report.  If there are names that need to be removed by Charge Conference Action, either the first or second reading, please supply a separate page indicating such.
You will want to plan and schedule now a Church/Administrative Board/Council meeting prior to your Charge Conference (remember that a copy of the paperwork is to be in the District office one week prior to the Charge Conference) so that your local church (or churches) can discuss and vote on those matters requiring a vote.  We will officially confirm those votes at the Charge Conference.  The votes you should have prior to the Charge Conference should include the following items: 
  • Compensation for any appointed clergy;
  • Report of the Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development;
  • Our Mission Covenant Report;
  • Recommendations (if any) for Lay Servants;
  • Recommendations (if any) for first-time, and for continuing candidates for ministry,
  • The removal of any names from Membership by Charge Conference action.
There is an additional way each church needs to be prepared for sharing at the Charge Conference:
Each church will be asked to share 2-3 minutes about one ministry in your church, about which you are excited, in one of the following areas; Knowing the Love of Jesus, Growing in the Love of Jesus, or Showing the Love of Jesus.We are asking that this be shared by one of the laity of the congregation and not by the pastor.
2019 Pennyrile District Charge Conference Schedule
Sunday, October 20th - 3:00 pm at Greenville UMC (Paperwork due October 13th)
Sunday, October 27th -5:00 pm at Eddyville UMC (Paperwork due October 20th)
Sunday, November 3rd -5:00 pm at Petrie Memorial UMC (Paperwork due October 27th)
Sunday, November 10th- 3:00 pm at Cadiz UMC (Paperwork due November 3rd)
Sunday, November 17th- 3:00 pm at Hanson UMC (Paperwork due November 10th)

If you have any questions regarding preparations for Charge Conference,
please do not hesitate to ask for help!