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Micah Mission Food Pantry

posted on November 07

Micah Mission is our district mission.  Located in Hopkinsville, our mission provides assistance to those in need, hot meals for the hungry, a place of safety, bathroom, show and laundry facilities for the homeless, food boxes for older persons, meal deliveries to some of the most impoverished areas of Hopkinsville and a food pantry. 
There are many ways you can support the Micah Mission, but today we will focus on how you and your church can help the food pantry ministry.  This ministry has seen a dramatic increase in need.  May, June and July of this year the food pantry gave away, on average 72 bags of groceries (providing food for 2 to 4 persons).  August this year they gave away 123 bags,  September 129 bags, and October 153 bags of groceries.  This dramatic increase in need means that we are going to have to dramatically increase our support.   On average a bag of groceries cost $13.07.  Shopping at places that sell in bulk and offer discounts allows the mission to provide a lot at a low cost. 
Here are three ways you and your church can help:

  1. Give generously and regularly.  We are finding that the need does not go away but rather it is growing.  Regular financial gifts can be used to assure that we have to food to help individuals and families that are in need.  You or your church can send your financial gifts and checks made out to the Micah Mission and designated to the Food Pantry.
  2.  Have a food drive.  If it would be more meaningful to your church to conduct an actual food drive to support the Food Pantry ministry at Micah, please e-mail the Food Pantry Coordinator, John C. Allen at missionsguy54@gmail.com .  He will help you to collect those items that are most needed for the food pantry. 
  3. Come and volunteer.  You don’t have to travel halfway around the world to have a mission experience.  You can help with distribution of food on Fridays by contacting John Allen at the above email address.  Or if you and your church want a broader experience of serving the least of these through one of the other ministries of the mission you can contact Micah Mission Director, David Banister at (270) 350-1060 or Asst. Director, Rusty Doom at (270) 704-9131. 
No matter where your church is in the district, it is our hope that you will help our mission, The Micah Mission Center.