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Micah Mission

posted on October 17

Micah Mission is a non-profit organization that is owned and operated by the Pennyrile District of the United Methodist Church.  It is located at 209 So Main St Hopkinsville, KY 42240.  It has its own board of directors.  The mission was opened approximately 10 years ago and was established to lend help for those less fortunate.  In the beginning, the mission was feeding 12 people one meal, one day per week.  In September 2019 the mission was responsible for over 10,000 plates of food.  That number comes from several different areas that it participates in including, breakfast and lunch Monday thru Thursday, hot meals on wheels each Thursday, distribution of commodities to senior citizens, lunch on most Saturdays and a community food bank on Fridays.  Our hours are 9am until approximately 1 pm but we are flexible depending on the need.

 Micah Mission is supported by Feeding America, Kroger supermarket, Piggly Wiggly Market, Wal Mart Neighborhood Market and Wal Mart Distribution Center and Tyson Foods.  We depend on donations from a myriad of entities including, individual contributions, children’s food drives, corporate entities, civic organizations, city government and churches.  We are also supported by an unbelievable volunteer crew that truly loves the people.  They come at 7:30 and stay under the work is done.

Micah Mission not only provides help with meals and food, it also has showers for the homeless, laundry facilities, help for utility bills, medicine, warm clothing, blankets, sleeping mats.  It is a Safe Sanctuary facility that provides a safe place for all including women and children.  We also provide health kits with common everyday items that most of us take for granted.  And, we provide a place to come and get warm or cool depending on what the weather is doing.

With the help of the community we recently were able to install a new expanded kitchen which has proved to be a huge help in our feeding efforts.

Most importantly, a new church has been planted within the mission.  It is called “Just As I Am” Church.  It meets each Tuesday and is attended by 25-75 people weekly.  We have had people saved and baptized here.  Different pastors come in and hold services and it is a very integral part of Micah Mission.
Through all that we do, our main mission is to help God build His Kingdom by introducing everyone that we can to Jesus Christ.  Micah Mission has become a place of hope for so many people.  We serve the hungry, the helpless and the hopeless. 
Pastor David Banister
Executive Director
Micah Mission
209 So. Main St.
Hopkinsville, KY 42240
Phone (270) 350-1060