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Grace for the Future - Episode 4

posted on January 04

Grace for the Future
S1 E4: The Great Thanksgiving (Paragraph 1)

It is right, and a good and joyful thing, always and everywhere to give thanks to you…

In this month’s episode of the Grace for the Future podcast, Bishop Leonard Fairley and his guests, Pastor Won Namkoong, an elder from the North Carolina Annual Conference, and Rev. Robert Amundsen, an elder in the Central Appalachian Missionary Conference (formerly the Red Bird Missionary Conference), discuss The Great Thanksgiving section of the Communion liturgy.

What does it mean when the pastor takes the bread, the body of Christ, and offers it to the congregants? What does it mean to receive the body of Christ as a congregant? How does this means of Grace inform who we are as Christians? The two pastors and Bishop Fairley discuss this very meaningful portion of our Communion service. Join us for this month’s episode of Grace for the Future!


The first episode debuted October 5, 2021. You can find links to both the vlog and the podcast on the Grace for the Future website or the Kentucky, North Carolina and Red Bird websites.