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2018 Charge Conference in the Pennyrile

posted on September 13

Charge Conference season is here again.  Although for many this is a tedious part of the work of the church it remains an integral part of what we do.  This work allows us to intentionally care for our pastor, our property and our resources.  With this focused work now, we have freed up the rest of the year to focus on the mission of the church to make passionate spiritual disciples that will transform the world. 
Once again, this year I will require each pastor and the church leadership to participate in one of our regional Charge Conference Meetings.  Please come to the meeting that is closest to you.  If you have a conflict with the schedule, we ask that you attend one of the other area meetings together. Or if you need to have an individual Charge Conference, please contact the district office. We are working to keep these meetings around one hour long.  Please come to that meeting with a printed, signed copy of the following forms (even if you do the forms online):

  • Clergy Compensation Report Form 2019
  • Charge Conference Finance Form
  • Team Nominations 2018
  • Trustees Report/Parsonage Survey
  • Checklist and Authorization Form 2018
  • Pastor’s Report
Charge Conference Regional Meetings will be held at the following locations:
  • St. John UMC, Hopkinsville on Sunday, October 14 from 3:00 to 4:00 pm.
  • Russellville Temple, Russellville on Sunday,, November 4 from 2:30 to 3:30 pm.
  • Madisonville First Methodist, Madisonville on Sunday, November 11 from 5:00 to 6:00 pm.
  • Eddyville UMC, Eddyville on Sunday, November 18 from 3:00 to 4:00 pm.
We’ve made a few changes from last year to try and improve our Charge Conference Form process.  We still have all (14) forms in a fillable WORD DOC and PDF formats. 
ONLY TWO FORMS HAVE REQUIRED SIGNATURES THAT MUST BE PRINTED OUT AND PHYSICALLY SIGNED.  These two are the CLERGY COMPENSATION REPORT and the CHECK LIST AND AUTHORIZATION FORM.  The CHECK LIST AND AUTHORIZATION FORM is a new form that has been developed this year.  It replaces the Minutes of Charge Conference Form from previous years.
This Check List and Authorization Form MUST be signed by all the required parties and presented at your Charge Conference. 
With the elimination of the Minutes of Charge Conference Form, we introduce, not only the Check List and Authorization Form, but the Team Nominations Form, Trustees Report/Parsonage Survey Form, and the Finance Form.
The Team Nominations Form is just that – Team Nominations and Leadership Positions in the church.  This used to be a section of the Minutes of Charge Conference form but is now a stand-alone form.  This year, the Team Nomination form can be downloaded, filled out and printed as in years past, but we would like to encourage the local churches to use the Church Dashboard to update their team leader information.  This would allow the local churches to input their data directly into the Data Base and manage their church’s webpage which also includes Service Times, etc.  I’ve created a PDF on Accessing the Local Church Dashboard for you to review (if needed) or to pass on to your local churches to help them through this process.
The Trustees/Parsonage Survey Form is a combination of the Trustees section from the Minutes of Charge Conference form and the entire Parsonage Survey Form.
The Finance Form is a combination of the Finance section of the Minutes of Charge Conference Form and the Our Mission Covenant Form.

For the online option this year…
We are NOT using FormVites, but we still have online forms as an option.  On the 2018 Charge Conference Forms page (https://www.kyumc.org/2018chargeconferenceforms), there are links to the coordinating form under each district’s section.  Each district has its own set of online forms that are accessed through the Registration System.  The only forms that DO NOT have an online option are the Clergy Compensation Report, Clergy Compensation Report – Instructions, and the Check List And Authorization Form.  These three forms DO NOT have the online counterpart because the instruction form is just information and the other two forms MUST be printed and physically signed by all necessary parties and turned in at Charge Conference.
All Charge Conference forms are required to be submitted by November 18th unless other arrangements have been made with me.  I hope you will be diligent and accurate in this work for this short season so that we might be focused on the mission of the church for the rest of the year.
All the best,
Rev. William H. Moore Jr.
District Superintendent